This project is a residential complex and a theme park which themed Japanese design style and culture, which is located on the beautiful sea coast near Vung Tau City. There are two sites between a manin access road, one is for the residential complex faced to the beach and other is for the theme park on the hill.

SAKURA BEACH, residential complex

They design a strong axis from the road to the beach, which there are a lots of activities and landscape inspired by Japanese modern design language. The cluster of sophisticated villas with those of Japanese which has own private garden each are located along the axis, which it gives residents and visitor unique and special aspect of Japanese modern culture and easy access to everywhere. A series of shop house and unique gate are faced to the main road, its inspiration of Japanese design can make it highlight to surroundings as advertisement.

NARA PARK, Japanese theme park

This theme park is designed by a series of Japanese traditional language, which the visitors can enjoy and learn many aspects of Japanese culture by their special experience here. The red Japanese style welcome center inspired one of the famous Japanese shrine and combination with tall bamboo tree make it highlight to the main road as iconic scene of sense of Japanese spirits. Adding it, there are many architectures and landscape designed by the sense of Japanese traditional design, which the visitor can easily and deeply fascinated by the full of authentic Japanese experience.


Binh An Tourist Co.,Ltd (Novaland Group)
Under Design
Ho Tram, Ba Ria Vung Tau, Vietnam
Site area
211.700 sqm
Floor Area
26.834 sqm

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