D-Aqua Apartments and Commercial High-rise Building

This project is located in a historic and high value of landscape area, Ben Binh Dong (Binh Dong port), which is designed with philosophy that it is enhancing those values. While the building planning makes the best use of the plot, it is well designed with a good combination building shape and town landscape, which can make a success to create a good connection with iconic scenery of surrounding. Besides this, they are a lots of unique utilities and features, which is like a stream going along from the entrance to the end as an internal landscape axis, and an attractive shopping street, etc…This project will appear as a landmark building of this area, contributing to the development of economic and social of local place, as well as the success of owner in their business field.

Under Design
Site area
7.885 sqm
Floor Area
59.140 sqm
24F & B2F

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